PA Fund for Change and Dark Money

Becky Corbin and her Republican operatives are attempting to skew the real conversation about what’s at stake in this election by distracting voters with drama and false accusations about [...]


Danielle Friel Otten has REAL Life Experience

  You may or may not have received some mail from my opponent’s campaign attempting to smear me by attacking my personal character. I wanted to address this from my perspective. Some [...]


Adelphia Pipeline Information

Many people know that the road that led me to run for office was paved by a natural gas liquids pipeline going through the backyard where my children play. For 4 years, alongside my neighbors, I [...]


West Brandywine Township Property Tax Increase

Many people in the 155th District are unaware that Coatesville Area School District affects residents in the 155th. If you live in West Brandywine Township (part of the 155th PA House District) [...]

Flip the 155th Fundraiser Friday, April 27!

Join us for the “Flip the 155th” Fundraiser! The Primary is just days away – we’re building momentum, we’re building excitement! Let’s turn PA District 155 [...]