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Since House Republicans took control of the State House, there have been 6 credit downgrades, costing taxpayers more than $100,000,000 each year. They continue to raid state programs and agencies extend a history of falling short on funding education. Republicans continue to obstruct sustainable solutions by opposing any revenue measure levied against their political donors, including the fracking industry.

Public Education

A history of underfunding and unfair politically driven funding formulas have created an unjust structure that relies too heavily on property taxes and creates social inequality across the state. Our legislature is constitutionally mandated to fulfill its responsibility to equitably provide a thorough and efficient system for funding public education. The PA Supreme Court ruled in September 2017 that our current leadership is falling short of this responsibility.


Pennsylvania like many states is suffering overwhelming numbers of deaths from the opioid crisis and women’s healthcare continues to be under siege by Republican leadership.

  • increase support of community programs working to eliminate health disparities and provide care to underserved populations, like Chester County Food Bank, Chester County Volunteers in Medicine
  • protect a women’s rights and organizations that provide affordable and accessible women’s health care like Planned Parenthood
  • defeat the Opioid Crisis by making addiction and mental health services affordable and accessible

Clean Energy Jobs

Clean, sustainable energy jobs pay dividends in market growth, family-sustaining careers at all skill and education levels and a solid future economically and environmentally; providing a safer, healthier life for Pennsylvanians. If we truly want to grow our economy, reduce air and water pollution, protect public health and build a wealth of jobs for Pennsylvania workers, we must invest in clean energy.

  • invest in clean job training for unemployed and underemployed workers
  • invest in union workers by supporting green skill upgrade training
  • continue to grow and invest in STEM education programs in public schools
  • invest in teaching teachers to allow for expansion of these programs

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