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Ethics and Good Government

Since House Republicans took control of the State House, there have been 6 credit downgrades, costing taxpayers more than $100,000,000 each year. Danielle has committed to not taking any corporate PAC money for her campaign and supports the We the People Agenda to make government work for all of us.

  • protect everyone’s right to the necessities in life
  • fund education and training to prepare kids for the future
  • embrace green principles to create new jobs and protect our resources
  • ensure the working and middle-class families are not left behind
  • fix our rigged tax system
  • eliminate barriers to participation in our common life


Danielle will fight to make sure health care is a right for all Pennsylvanians. She will:

  • work toward real solutions to the opioid crisis by making addiction and mental health services affordable and accessible
  • work to bring down costs for premiums, co-pays, and prescription drugs
  • fight to stop the denial of health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions
  • stand up for nurses by supporting safe staffing limits
  • simplify our healthcare so doctors and nurses can focus on patients, not insurance company red tape

Public Education

A history of under-funding and unfair, politically driven funding formulas have created an unjust structure that relies too heavily on property taxes and reinforces social inequality across the state of PA. Danielle is endorsed by PSEA and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Danielle commits to supporting:

  • fully implementing the Fair Funding Formula
  • closing loopholes and tax shelters to increase revenue for Public Schools
  • holding charter schools accountable
  • expanding pre-K, Kindergarten, and STEM programs
  • reducing/eliminating standardized testing

Environment & Renewable Energy

Clean, sustainable energy jobs pay dividends in market growth, family-sustaining careers at all skill and education levels, and a solid economic and environmental future, providing a safer, healthier life for all Pennsylvanians. If we truly want to grow our economy, reduce air and water pollution, protect public health, and build a wealth of jobs for Pennsylvania workers, we must invest in clean energy right now. Danielle supports the Common Conservation Agenda and Danielle Friel Otten will support:

  • expanding the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards
  • investments in clean-job training and green skills upgrade training
  • continued invest in STEM education programs in public schools

Stand for Women

Now, as much as ever before, we need to stand up for women in Pennsylvania. Danielle Friel Otten will:

  • protect a woman’s right to choose
  • stand up for access to women’s health care, including birth control
  • support implementing a paid family leave program
  • protect women and provide accountability for workplace harassment

Common Sense and Common Ground Gun Safety

Danielle has been recognized as a Mom’s Demand Action and CeaseFire PA Gun Sense Candidate. She has a 100% rating with CeaseFire PA. She looks to organizations like Gun Sense Chester County, who bring gun owners and non-gun owners together to discuss common ground solutions to gun safety in our communities. Danielle Friel Otten will support:

  • investment in solving the overall violence problem in our communities
  • a background check with every gun purchase
  • a minimum age for gun purchase and child access prevention policies
  • banning bump stocks and limiting the size of magazines
  • requiring a permit for concealed carry

Danielle does not support arming teachers or school staff outside of law enforcement professionals.

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Danielle responds to voters’ questions about these issues and more on the FAQs page.

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