PA Fund for Change and Dark Money

Becky Corbin and her Republican operatives are attempting to skew the real conversation about what’s at stake in this election by distracting voters with drama and false accusations about dark money and “Philadelphia-style” tactics.

As Rep. Corbin knows, my campaign, like any other political campaign, is prohibited by campaign finance law from having any prior knowledge of, or an opportunity to review or approve, mail or other advertising sent by PACs like PA Fund for Change.

Mail from PACs and mail from the Danielle Friel Otten campaign are two completely different things. If it is from our campaign, it will say so on the ad.

The truth is, I’m backed by more than 400 hardworking individuals who have given of their time and treasure to help make the change that they believe in for our community. I’m backed by teachers and health care workers and people who believe in clean government, free of corporate influence. I refuse to allow anyone to take that away from them! These people have worked so hard and win or lose, this race is theirs, I will defend that to the end.

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