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You may or may not have received some mail from my opponent’s campaign attempting to smear me by attacking my personal character. I wanted to address this from my perspective. Some of what is said is just plain false, but I’m actually grateful to have the opportunity to share a little bit more about my life experience with voters.

I was once like 85% of voters who only voted in presidential and midterm elections. When I became a mom and a homeowner, I learned just how important local/municipal politics are to our daily life. I didn’t just step up to vote, I helped to elect new local leadership and I serve on the township parks & recreation board. Then, I stepped up to run for office because I was unhappy about the veil of special interest money that stands between us and our representatives and I care deeply about the community where I am raising my family and how Harrisburg affects our life.

In 2004, I opened a small boutique in downtown West Chester where I lived. I was all-in and had everything on the line. When the economy crashed in 2008, I lost it all and experienced the crushing consequences. My opponent and her allies have tried to exploit my hardships for political gain. But I know that my story is shared by many other small business owners and hardworking families, especially during that time.

As a resident and shop owner in a small town, I also understand the frustration and challenges locals face as booming development puts pressure on municipal infrastructures, like parking. Most of the citations my opponent references in their negative mail about me were parking tickets, none of which remain outstanding.

The truth is, this experience made me stronger. I worked three jobs to rebuild, and over the last decade, I have re-established financial security and started a beautiful family. I carry with me wisdom from that experience.

Now I’m running for State Representative because everyday people need a voice in state government. I don’t take a dime of corporate special interest money. Incumbents like my opponent have sold our community’s voice to special interests, and we need to take it back.

I hope you’ll support me so we can change Harrisburg together.


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  • James Wisdom

    Thanks for this insight.


    Awesome response, Danielle! Way to take the high road, not that’s I’d expect any different.

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