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Elect a Representative Who Won’t Sell Us Out.

The voice of the people in government; the health, welfare, and safety of citizens and the environment; a commitment to build community and serve people first. These are the values I stand for and the reasons I am running for the State House of Representatives.

As a marketer with 20 years of experience in hospitality and community service, I listen to varied perspectives, formulate effective strategies, and execute plans that deliver meaningful results. I will take these skills to the State House and be a strong voice for the people of  District 155 and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I am a mother, businesswoman, community leader, and a fair-minded Democrat moved by a desire to fight for the people of the 155th, empower our communities, and stand up to the corporate lobbyists who work against our best interests in Harrisburg.

I am a Chester County mother of two who is tired of seeing education, healthcare, and the environment under-prioritized by our state legislature.

Meanwhile, the gas & oil lobbies line the halls of the chambers of Harrisburg peddling money and influence, and our elected officials consistently choose corporate profits over public health, public safety, and the preservation of our natural resources.


This is why I am running to become Pennsylvania’s State Representative for the 155th  District.


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